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Ace of ClubsAce of Diamonds
Pocket Rockets; Bullets; American Airlines
King of DiamondsKing of Spades
Cowboys; King Kong; Kamikaze

Queen of SpadesQueen of Hearts

Lucky Ladies; The Witches
Jack of DiamondsJack of Spades
Fishhooks; Hooks; Jokers
Ten of SpadesTen of Hearts
Dimes; Twenty Miles
Nine of DiamondsNine of Clubs
Wayne Gretzsky; Barbara Feldon (Agent 99 from the Get Smart TV Show)
Eight of ClubsEight of Hearts
Seven of DiamondsSeven of Clubs
Sunset Strip (reference to the television show "77 Sunset Strip")
Six of ClubsSix of Hearts
Route 66; Kicks (as in "get your kicks on Route 66"
Five of DiamondsFive of Spades
Double Nickels; Speed Limit (the national speed limit before being raised to 65)
Four of ClubsFour of Hearts
Sailboats; Magnum (as in .44 Magnum handgun)
Three of DiamondsThree of Clubs
Crabs (tilt your head sideways)
Two of ClubsTwo of Hearts
Pocket Swans; Ducks (because the hand is not that valuable unless you hunt for another one)
Ace of HeartsKing of Spades
Big Slick; Anna Korrnikova (the hand looks better than it plays)
Ace of SpadesQueen of Diamonds
Big Chick; Little Slick
Ace of HeartsJack of Spades
Ajax; Blackjack; Jackass
Ace of DiamondsEight of Clubs
Dead Man's Hand
King of DiamondsQueen of Clubs
The Marriage Hand; Newlyweds; Mamas and Papas
King of SpadesJack of Diamonds
King John; Kojak (reference to Telly Savalas from the TV Show "Kojak")
King of DiamondsNine of Clubs
Fido; Canine; The Dog
King of SpadesThree of Hearts
King Crab; Commander Crab
Queen of ClubsJack of Diamonds
Maverick (reference to the television show "Maverick", the show's theme song includes the line "livin' on Jacks and Queens."
Queen of HeartsTen of Spades
Quint; Greyhound
Queen of SpadesSeven of Diamonds
Computer Hand
Jack of DiamondsFive of Clubs
Motown; Jackson Five
Jack of SpadesFour of Hearts
Flat Tire (What is a jack for?)
Ten of DiamondsFive of Clubs
Woolworths; Five and Dime
Ten of SpadesFour of Hearts
Convoy; Good Buddy; OK
Ten of HeartsTwo of Clubs
Terminator II; Texas Dolly (reference to poker legend Doyle Brunson; he won the World Series of Poker holding these cards... TWICE!)
Nine of SpadesEight of Diamonds
Nine of DiamondsNine of Clubs
Dolly Parton (reference to the country singer's song and movie)
Nine of ClubsTwo of Hearts
Montana Banana (popular myth that this nickname originates from the legalization of poker in Montana by Proposition 92, however, poker was legalized in Montana by the Card Games Act, 23-5-311. The actual origin of the term is unknown.)
Seven of DiamondsSix of Clubs
Union Oil
Five of HeartsSeven of Clubs
Heinz 57
Four of ClubsFive of Diamonds
Jessie James; Jane Russell
Three of HeartsNine of Spades
Jack Benny
Three of ClubsEight of Diamonds
Raquel Welch
Two of HeartsNine of Spades


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